PrepGeek is India’s most advanced and technically robust GATE preparation platform.

It is so well packaged with mentoring that you will find yourself in the competition mode from the Day one. As you will progress on preparation you will continuously assisted by PrepGeek Mentors and you will feel like a getting closure to your dream RANK.

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Why wait? Sign up Now

Well begin is half done. Your strategy foretells your results…

Competitive Exam today has become the biggest shifting channel between the equals and the first. Increasing reach of education has created all of us as equals, our performance in the competitive exam has become the gateway to success in life.

On one hand our policy maker has made it mandatory to Promote students in primary classes (up-to std. VIII) and on the other hand competitive exam raise their standards every year. In such situation we need a mentoring platform which can be with us continuously to track us real time of our as on date competitive standing???

PrepGeek™ is cumulative effort of 500+ man years of experience in competitive exam preparation industry in India and abroad involving mentors from GATE, CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, ILTES, IIT JEE, CPMT and other exams. PrepGeek™ offers competitive preparation on various exams from Std- V onwards. It has its own Prepscore™ which gives you real time relative preparation score for the target exam.

Targeted Exams

Main Features

GATE 2016

Divided in 6 month course with incremental video feeds ​,a crisp 600 Hours of video, backed by 50 assessments, 12 mock gate ( with results analysis) with 180 day LQH.

GATE 2017

24 month preparatory for IIIrd year students of CS/IT/CTech. Tuned with semester engagements, 52 assessments, 25 mock gate ( with results analysis) with 240 LQH.


To Be launched Soon..

Our Demo Videos

GATE 2016

Mathematical logic

Aptitude - Maths - Percentages - Basic Concepts

Aptitude - Maths - Percentages - Simple Example

Aptitude - Maths - Percentages And Fractions

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​PrepGeek is only video tutorial having 600 hours of lectures , the most exhaustive and most student friendly as well. read our testimonials